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On OSU being Dodd's #1

Posted on: May 6, 2008 2:09 pm
Edited on: May 7, 2008 8:18 am

Mike and everyone else,

I as a Tennessee fan admit that OSU has had some great teams in the past 10 seasons. I wish Tennessee would have beaten Florida 2 years ago to make our case, or not been blown out by 3 teams last year. We as Tennessee fans see what it was like to be an OSU fan with Cooper.

Phil however won a national championship with his own players. I would be worried in Columbus (was just there to see the "Police" on Sunday was a great concert by the way) though that you have a coach that can't handle bowl games, when he was racking up all those points in BCS bowls and bringing home a national championship most of the starters had not been brought to OSU by him.

Next I am going to sound funny here and a bit cocky but the SEC is 4-0 In BCS championship games and Auburn was robbed (sorry for going there) of their chance. Until they lose in the game the winner of the SEC should get an automatic in to the BCS championship. As long as we have this crock of a system and Notre Dame gets an automatic in if they have 9 wins or whatever than make it official the SEC Championship game winner gets in every year.

Last it is easy for OSU to throw to the rest of college football that they played for the last two national championships. That is great I wish Tennessee could have been there. But OSU got there because of this stupid system we have in place. Also, If we didn't play the #1-5 overall schedule season I would love that also. Then maybe we could get enough wins to make it to the BS championship. The Buffalo Bills once went to what 5 Super Bowls, they had reason to talk smack, at least they had to earn their way there unlike OSU.

This is just my bias opinion, I know some points seem a little far fetched or whatever, and I really do welcome your take. Especially as an OSU fan, I have a lot for friends and we love to talk about this! Go Vols!


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Posted on: May 6, 2008 4:48 pm

On OSU being Dodd's #1

Great points on the SEC's dominance in championship games and the crap schedule OSU plays every year. Gotta love the sarcasm in regards to Notre Dame and auto bid for the SEC. No one knows for sure but Auburn coulda made it 5-0. We'll just hope that the Buckeyes slip up somewhere so we don't have to watch them get waxed again on the game's biggest stage!!!

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