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On OSU being Dodd's #1

Mike and everyone else,

I as a Tennessee fan admit that OSU has had some great teams in the past 10 seasons. I wish Tennessee would have beaten Florida 2 years ago to make our case, or not been blown out by 3 teams last year. We as Tennessee fans see what it was like to be an OSU fan with Cooper.

Phil however won a national championship with his own players. I would be worried in Columbus (was just there to see the "Police" on Sunday was a great concert by the way) though that you have a coach that can't handle bowl games, when he was racking up all those points in BCS bowls and bringing home a national championship most of the starters had not been brought to OSU by him.

Next I am going to sound funny here and a bit cocky but the SEC is 4-0 In BCS championship games and Auburn was robbed (sorry for going there) of their chance. Until they lose in the game the winner of the SEC should get an automatic in to the BCS championship. As long as we have this crock of a system and Notre Dame gets an automatic in if they have 9 wins or whatever than make it official the SEC Championship game winner gets in every year.

Last it is easy for OSU to throw to the rest of college football that they played for the last two national championships. That is great I wish Tennessee could have been there. But OSU got there because of this stupid system we have in place. Also, If we didn't play the #1-5 overall schedule season I would love that also. Then maybe we could get enough wins to make it to the BS championship. The Buffalo Bills once went to what 5 Super Bowls, they had reason to talk smack, at least they had to earn their way there unlike OSU.

This is just my bias opinion, I know some points seem a little far fetched or whatever, and I really do welcome your take. Especially as an OSU fan, I have a lot for friends and we love to talk about this! Go Vols!

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Below is an email I sent to friends today, I copied and pasted points made on a story here on cbssportsline and added my thoughts. The reason this sparks so much bitterness in me is that I feel as college football fans the NCAA robs us of a true natinoal champion. College football fans seem to care more than a lot of other fans about history, passion, loyalty etc. The choices by those who can change the system sets us back another 10+ years now, I don't know why they really make this choice...but I HATE it. Here are my thoughts:

I would like to thank the Big East, Big 10, Big 12, PAC 10 and F'in Notre Dame for sticking college football fans with another decade of this crap:   After years of planning, SEC commissioner Mike Slive formally presented a plus-one model to his peers Wednesday. He found opposition from the Big East, Big 12, Pac-10, Big Ten and Notre Dame. The ACC was the lone conference in Slive's plus-one camp   Also how about this line from Notre Dame AD: Another wise person said, 'If isn't broken don't fix it,'" said White   The Big East may not care about their know the ones who buy tickets and donate money to programs: "I know that's what a lot of fans don't want to hear, but they're not responsible for crafting what we have in college football," said Big East commissioner Mike Tranghese   another one from the BE: A seeded model looked like a playoff to us," Tranghese said. "We don't think a playoff is in the best interests of college football."   Go Figure the SEC cares most about the sport and fans not just dumb a$$ tradition (I think you know how I mean that, tradition is one of the most important things in college football, but some put it a little too high, we move don't wear wigs any more in congress do they?) He can't be accused of being a homer. In his six years as commissioner, SEC teams have won three national championships in the BCS system   The only NCAA Sport:  

Either way, Division I-A football remains the only sport in which the NCAA doesn't sponsor a championship. From 1936 to 1997, wire service champions were recognized. Since the BCS started in 1998, the winner of the 1-2 game was considered the BCS champion. The Associated Press media poll still declares its own champion. Only once in the BCS era has it differed from the BCS champion. In 2003, the AP poll picked USC even though LSU won the BCS title game.

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This will be short, and to the point. As a Tennessee fan I dislike Memphis as much as anyone, Louisville, Cincinnati, CUSA, etc. So please understand I have a bias take on this program.

Was Memphis overrated?

In short, NO, they had amazing talent. Rose and the entire cast deserved to be in that championship game. They beat good teams all season. Georgetown, UCLA, UCONN, Texas, etc. Any team can fall, and take a loss, that is why they play the games. Memphis played like champions the entire championship game, until the last 2 mins. Then, their problem came up. They are under-coached.

Yes they lost because they could not shoot free throws, what was that 1 of 5? But, they had heard all tourney long that they don't matter...who did they hear that from? Wait for it.......wait......wait.......... John Calipari.

That's right, they had the talent and I think the players had the will to win..but their coach held them back. Not only did they not make free throws (not that I ever could in that pressure situation) but you would think a coach may have them, practice them to say maybe improve? But ok ok ok, they can't make them and don't want to practice because they know they will not improve, or whatever the reason is for him telling them they don't matter. Their Coached still failed them by not calling a foul with 9 seconds left and still up by 3, most any coach in the country would have fouled Kansas then. If truth be known most everyone watching the game other than Kansas fans screamed foul idiot.

But wait it gets better, somehow there have been reports that they where trying to foul and he told them to. Sure didn't look like anyone tried to me. Maybe, just maybe you could have used that time out prior to the inbounds, to set your defense John.

Ok, I said it would be short so here is my closing. I want to say congrats to Memphis on a great season, I can't say my heart hurt any by Memphis losing, but I can say for 39.51 it appeared Memphis was the best team on the floor. Memphis did not lose the game because they had less talent, heart, skill, etc. They lost because they had one weakness...their coach.

Memphis should have finished the season with 1 loss, and that was to Tennessee.

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Bruce Pearl, Lady Vols, Braves, etc.

I really don't have a rant on my mind at all. I am just curious when Pat's divorce is going to be over and if she and Bruce "start" something? I think the UT community wouldn't mind, but their ex's might.

Next, The Lady Vols play LSU tomorrow. I love that we lost at home then won in the SEC championship game. I think coaching is an advantage for us, but LSU is great and this being their 5th straight trip...are they overdue?

The Braves, wow, 1-3 start now a stand against the hated mets. I thought the mets had the pitching problems...but then James, Smoltz and now Hampton are hurt. Seriously, Hampton???? You have to be kidding..was during a warm up! James should be back and they called up someone from AAA, but still...that rotation was looking pretty good in spring training.

Next to the reds, Why do they make no REAL moves for pitching? Nothing! I know they can score, but in that park if you have average or less than pitching you are going to give up a ton of runs also.

Last, I have to agree with my favorite write on cbs, Clay Travis, and say guys will make a game out of anything to get out of some kind of work. My roommate and myself spent an hour plus the other day (when he should have been doing home work) coming up with a tennis ball bounce into a cup game and how to score it. I can't say we have really figured it out, but was pretty fun. Also, why do all of us guys agree to some stuff with out question? What do I mean, take when I went to "slam dunk" a tennis ball and missed and hit my roommate in "the junk" if you will. He looked at me and said, ok you are getting a hit back. I said no at first then I gave in and took a hit in the gut.... This happens all the time with guys, we always take a hit back...why is this?

Ok this is all for now. I deleted my last Blog on Bobby Huggins, it was time to take it down. Although, I still don't like Nancy at all!

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